About us

As architects and engineers we create high quality out-of-the-box concepts that take into account the uniqueness of a location, the wishes and expectations of the client and the legal framework.

Bringing these factors together leads to high quality architectural and urban planning solutions. We conduct mediating negotiations with the various parties and offer progressive solutions that take into account:

  • the interests of all parties involved
  • planning and budget
  • the uniqueness of the location
  • the client’s expectations
  • the legal framework
  • the technical requirements
  • a high quality aesthetic

Registered with registration number B100036 with the Order of Architects and falling under the Provinical Council of East Flanders (Tramstraat 59, 9052 Zwijnaarde, 09 241 80 70).

Our philosophy

Conservation does not necessarily mean immutability and certainly not stagnation. It is creating and keeping a self-regulating cycle going. Urban planning and architecture fulfill a key position in order to balance innovation and conservation.

Creating a sustainable world starts with regarding that world from a total point of view.

Our core concepts


We design innovative, future-inspired architecture for private individuals, professionals and governments.


Providing a multidisciplinary team that brings the best design to the table by using an investigative methodology and various perspectives within the office.


Collaboration, adaptable, work efficiency, hands-on mentality, leadership, ethics and customer focus are our core values.


Incorporation of consultation moments, communication, self-control, consistency.

Our goal

Ecological footprint

One of the important common threads throughout our projects is sustainability. Together with the client, we strive for buildings with a minimal ecological footprint and perfect integration into the environment. As a sustainable architectural firm, we are happy to advise you on sustainable construction, passive construction and energy-conscious (re)construction.

Durability in every aspect

An integrated design methodology is the basis of sustainable construction. This sustainability manifests itself in the complete life cycle of each realization, from construction through maintenance to possible renovation or demolition. Our architectural firm has a BREEAM assessment with a score of “very good”, which guarantees our knowledge in this regard and demonstrates the feasibility for both new construction and renovation, living and working. This international certification method gives buildings a sustainability score based on 10 themes and 70 criteria. After all, sustainability and healthy buildings are not only created by energy savings, they are a complex interplay of all kinds of factors. Our goal is to create healthy buildings that are good for people and the environment.

Forest stewardship council

Signed FSC convenant as first architectural firm in Belgium


The architectural office received a BREEAM LABEL very good (nr BREEAM-0056-2934)

Passive House Platform

Membership – design and consult for the construction of passive, E0 and E+ buildings.